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Our rich experience and technical knowledge in the field of diamond tools along with our strong on-ground technical team allows us to innovate and constantly remain ahead of the curve. At the same time, stringent monitoring of the production process - from choosing the suppliers, using state of the art technologies to strict process control - ensures the consistency and reliability of our products. Our offer includes segments for all types of stone. The segment hardness and type may be adjusted so as to best suit the requirements of the client.

Wire for Multi-wire machines

Multi-wire We have been supplying wires for multi-wire machines over the last five years, in markets such as Brazil, Poland, Italy, China and Taiwan for all types of multi-wire machine such as Bidese, BM, Simec, Pedrini and Gaspari. We offer wires with a diameter of 7.3 mm which, depending on the requirements, can feature various types of beads to ensure that the cutting performance and quality meet customers expectations. Depending on the hardness of the cut material, we can achieve performance in the range of 7-11 sqm/m.

Diamond Wires

Linki Diamentowe Our company offers a wide range of diamond wires for cutting limestone and granite, with diameters from 8 to 11 mm. The maintenance of consistently high quality of our product requires us to ensure a stringent control of materials used in the production process, which, in consequence, makes our diamond wires very competitive on the market. The quality is the basic feature of our products.

Diamond Segments

Segmenty do Pi�

Segments for granite cutting saws 1000-3500

The offer includes segments of the following sizes: Tx23,5x20, Tx23,5x30 or Tx30x30. Depending on the size, the segments feature a different total max. cutting length in meters.

Segments for limestone cutting saws and frame saws

Our segments for limestone cutting saws and frame saws are manufactured with high precision and using carefully selected materials. Each order is treated individually and executed taking into consideration the given machine type, operating parameters and type of materials cut.

Segments for marble cutting frame saws


Tarcze Upon special order of our clients, we are able to deliver disks with diameters from 1200 to 3500 mm.


State of the art products backed by strict quality and process control. Wi�cej o Nas



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